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Well, they have new owners who are remodeling and breathing life back into the health club, which will open soon, but Jimmy K's has already been transformed into On The Edge Bar & Grill, located on 68th and Edgerton. Jimmy K's owner passed his pizza recipe to the new owners, and it is a good one. The garlic cheese bread is also excellent! Gluten-free pizza Zarletti Mequon Parting words Alright, enough with the pizza talk and on to the mushy stuff. Look, when I started writing these blogs four years ago, I didn't think I'd be writing them this long, and I certainly did not think I'd write about 100 pizzerias! Thank you to Jeff Sherman for inviting me to write for OnMilwaukee! Thank you to Bobby Tanzilo, Lori Fredrich, Matt Mueller and every other staff member and intern that touched and tweaked my pizza blogs over the past four years. Thank you to the owners, managers, servers and pizza makers who took the time to educate me on pizza and give me valuable information on the history of your pizzas and businesses. Thank you to the friends who joined me on my pizza outings. I'm sure it was a sacrifice to take time out of your day to eat great pizza!

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