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Another said the report was not true. Trump, who takes office on Jan. 20, has spoken of seeking warmer relations with Russia. He told the Wall Street Journal on Friday that he would "at least for a period of time" maintain sanctions against Russia put in place by President Barack Obama for cyber hacking. But Trump suggested to the newspaper that he might lift the sanctions if Russia proved helpful in the fight against Islamic State militants and on other U.S. objectives. Two of Trump's cabinet picks, Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson and Defense Secretary nominee James Mattis, have signaled a far harsher tone toward Moscow in their Senate confirmation hearings. U.S. intelligence agencies blame Russia for cyber hacking that interfered with the U.S.

The Niles village board approved the amended ordinance Dec. 13, which allows for a maximum of 16 licenses in the village. But how those licenses are allocated is now slightly changed based on response since the original ordinance was approved last May, officials said. The original ordinance made available 10 licenses to current or "established" liquor license holders, two to new video gambling cafes that open up in strip malls with a vacancy rate greater than 30 percent, two to business owners who have operated within the village for the past five years, have experienced a decline in business and who have applied for and received a liquor license and two to fraternal or veterans' organizations that have operated within Niles for the past half decade. The change made in December takes one away from fraternal or veterans' organizations and one away from five-years-plus business owners, leaving one license for each of those categories. The number of licenses for established liquor license owners increases from 10 to 12, under the ordinance change. Niles Village Manager Steven Vinezeano said the changes were made because the village did not see much interest in the licenses from fraternal or veterans' organizations or businesses. "We found that the fraternal organizations, which were allowed two of these licenses no one was jumping on those, no one was taking them," Vinezeano said. The village had two unclaimed licenses, Vinezeano said, so the thought was to reallocate them into the category of established liquor licenses where there is greater demand. According to Illinois Gaming Board records, there are six establishments in Niles that are licensed to offer video gaming, operating at total of 30 terminals.

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